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What are the future prospects of interior design as a career option?

In today’s changing lifestyle, the demand for innovative architecture has increased. Interior designing has branched out of architecture and made a name of its own. People working in this field may even have the luxury of working from their home. Due to our huge population, there’s always a demand for housing. Naturally, this gives rise to the demand for other institutions like education facilities, health care, entertainment and many more which automatically creates a need for interior designers.

Most interior designing graduates start working on projects within a year after getting their degree. One can even pursue masters in this field if they want further specialization or build skills in related fields to keep their options open. We at International school of design (INSD) , offer a two-year master’s programme and also an advance diploma spanning the same amount of time.

The demand for interior designers has just increased in recent years due to the rise in modern infrastructure and personalized architecture. This is not only limited to urban cities but has also spread to small towns and cities across the country. As an interior designer you can find yourself working in studios, commercial set ups, residential buildings, construction firms, event management firms or real estate. Your degree can also indirectly help you in related fields like product, graphic, furniture and textile designing. INSD offers a 3/4-year Bachelor Programme in interior designing and also a Diploma for people who wish to take the time friendly route.

Interior designing is not just about planning, designing and furnishing buildings. As an interior designer you’re expected to adapt and cater to the dynamic needs of each client. You have to closely work with a diverse caste of people to bring your imagination to life. INSD, which has gained the reputation of the best interior designer institute in Mumbai ,can help you achieve your goals whether you wish to work with the best interior designer in Mumbai or even better – become the best interior designer in Mumbai .

3 Reasons On Why You Should Move To A POS Software Web

Point of sale software now come in varying forms. How successful you are in your business activities partially depend on the type of software you have chosen to use. So you must understand that it is not enough for you to have a sales software for your business these days. This is because developers are always looking for innovative ways to make retail business easy to execute.

Before you get a sales software that you may not enjoy using, you are advised to go through this article with serious concentration so you can understand the reason why there is a need for you to stick to a sales software that is web-based. Highlighted below are reasons to help convince you that a web-based sales software is the best for your business.

Better accessibility

A very apparent limitation of a stand-alone sales software is access barrier. What this means is that you can only access the application when you are with the machine. This, without being told could be a big hindrance to so many things. The truth is that you must not be present before you can access a sales software. It is a sales software for crying out loud. It is possible you are trying to make a sale from another location. Making a sale from another location can only be possible with the help of a web-based sales software.

Device Compatibility

Another thing you may need to worry about when making use of a desktop application is the type of device. When you have a sales software that is desktop-based, your chances of ever running it on any other device apart from your desktop computer is almost down to zero.

Now, on the other hand, this is not on your worry list when you are running a web-based sales software. It is a lot easier for you to get your app on whatever device you have chosen for yourself without bothering about incompatibility. All you need to do is just open up the URL in the browser, and the application will be standing right before you.

Easier to Follow up

Are you a business owner and you always like to keep an eye on whatever is going on at your shop? Trying to keep up with business activities around your retail space by running down there all the time can be a little difficult to achieve. Why stress yourself when you have the choice of looking at everything from your device from wherever you are. This is one of the outstanding benefits of making use of a web-based sales software. With one click, you can be anywhere.

In conclusion, making use of a stand-alone sales software is just another way to limit your business from succeeding the way it ought to. The world is becoming more global with each passing day. You ought to be more than convinced on why you should switch to web – based POS software after going through this article.

Use Retail Software To Infuse New Life To Your Business

Your level of success in retail business is simply determined by the number of customers you have. And with the way the world is going, it is not good enough for you to have customers, rather it is everything for you to service those customers in the best way possible. This is the reason why smart business owners are beginning to look forward to infusing retail software into their business set up.

Have you been considering the possibility of including retail software solutions India in your business, but you are not quite sure how everything is going to pan out? Do you know that such tools are meant to better the way you transact business? Why not steady your gaze, and find out how such software can be of help to your business as you go through this post.

Room for Improvement

From time past, everything about business was carried out manually. When business transactions are only carried out manually, it becomes a little difficult to be able to draw conclusions from past businesses transactions. Take for instance, someone who wants to dig up information from the past, that individual will have no choice but to look through all the records at his disposal in the most traditional way.

The use of retail POS software India makes it even easier for you to improve your business. This is because most data are going to be stored in the database, and with this the application can make graphical reports indicating what transactions have been carried out over a particular period of time. Having a look at such data, you should be able to know what adjustments should be made in order to improve your business performance.

Completely reliable

If you ask some retailers why they may never want to have anything to do with the retail software that are available, they may probably tell you they are not sure about the integrity of such application. So the question is how much of this is true? Should there be any need for retailers to fret about the safety of their customers’ payment information? The answer to such a question is of course, no.

The one thing so many people do not know is that these retail software have been developed with security in mind. Transactions are so secured that it is almost impossible for anyone to intercept them. As a matter of fact the possibility of cutting those transactions short is almost down to zero. Every transaction has been encrypted from one end to another. These are some of the measures that help to make the system more reliable and robust.

There are a lot of tools that have been researched on and developed just to help business owners do their transactions in the most simplified way. You do not need to shy away from the retail software that have been developed in this regards. Including such applications to your business can do you a lot of good than you can actually imagine. Make use of the power of data analysis today in taking your business to the next level. Getting a retail software India for your business is the best thing you can ever think of as a retailer.


Why Safety Shoes Are Necessary for Industrial places?

Foot injuries affect worldwide workers. In countries where workplace safety policies are strict, injuries cases are fewer. On the other hand, injuries are several where policies are moderate. However, one thing you should know as an employer is that your workers’ safety affects your business’ performance. If workers are injured often, you will either overburden those who are left behind or watch as projects pile. Hence, you should protect your workers by getting them the best safety shoes and precautionary clothing. The cost you will incur will be worthwhile in the long-term. Besides bringing down the level of absenteeism at your workplace, you will avoid unnecessary court cases.

Common foot accidents at workplaces

  • If you work in the construction industry, your workers are likely to face serious accidents that could result in broken bones, crushed feet and loss of toes.
  • Cuts and lacerations can happen anytime to those who use sharp machines like chainsaws
  • Electricians’ major risk when not wearing safety shoes is an electric shock.
  • Industry workers who use dangerous chemicals or hot metal liquids could easily get burned.
  • Anyone who works in a place of work that has slippery falls is at risk of slipping, tripping and falling and the result could be bone fractures or joint sprains.
  • Puncture wounds to the foot are very common where nails, scrap metal, glass, staples and related items are produced.

Why wearing safety shoes is important

The risk of accidents in factories that deal with dangerous equipment and chemicals is real. Besides improving your floors, you should buy protective clothes and accessories for your workers. If you can’t get rid of slippery floors just yet, then keep in mind that accidents that could result in broken foot bones or sprained joints could happen anytime. As you have to continue using equipment and chemicals that help you create a complete product, it’s easier to protect your workers’ feet with shoes. Don’t get just any type of shoes; though, get the best safety boots with thick soles, steel toecaps and mid-soles. But why should you bother buying workplace safety shoes? Here are the key reasons.

  • Safety work shoes protect skin from burns, cuts and piercings.
  • A thick and solid sole will protect your feet from puncture wounds
  • Steel toecaps will keep your toes and the top of your foot from getting crushed by falling objects.
  • Impact protection that is often fitted in safety industry shoes absorbs shock and keeps the pair comfortable enough to be worn the entire day.
  • The anti-slip feature boosts traction that in turn reduces falls, trips and slips.
  • Wearing safety boots improves productivity at work, as workers can go about their duties without the fear of hazards. Additionally, employees will not always be away to cure injuries.
  • Work shoes just like clothes bring about uniformity. They make everyone equal and smart.


Besides buying shoes from the top safety shoes manufacturers, it’s necessary to take other measures. First, carry out continues risk assessments as they can help you determine the type of hazards you are likely to face and the policies you should put in place. Additionally, carry out on-the-job training about safety to make your employees aware of the dangers they could potentially face.

How To Use Best Investment Plan & Benefits Of Commodity Trading?

There are many people who are interested in commodity market trading and hopeful that they can make this their career. There is no reason why this cannot be the case, but they will need to study and train. Courses are available, and they are aimed at a range of people. Students will find it a great way to enter the world of finance, but they are also aimed at more experienced employees such as analysts, executives and anyone who works for a broker.


Trading can be enjoyable, but also difficult if you don’t have the right information. There is the need to understand a wide range of topics including: –

  • Global factors

  • Economies

  • How to trade profitably.

  • How to make a profit.

Who Can Help?

A lot of companies will offer help and you need to determine who is the most likely to suit your needs. It will be advisable to select one who is capable of explaining strategies in a clear and concise way. The way many people find easy to remember is a process followed by Tips2trade. This process is simple and really makes sense. The questions and answers from the top traders are considered and by the end, those taking the course will have the details they need to take them on the path to success.

Where Strategies Can Lead

It is not just personal knowledge that can be taken in, but can also lead to careers in a wide range of roles. Some of these include: –

  • Technical analyst

  • Risk manager

  • Forex manager

  • Business analyst.

Benefits of Commodity Trading

There are many benefits of commodity trading and the more that you learn about and understand the more successful you will be. The portfolio held should be diversified and this could mean branching out from the raw materials you may already trade in and turn to bonds or stocks. Values can fall as well as rise, so keep an eye on the way the rates are going. It is a transparent process as there are so many involved, that there will be a lot of information available, so nothing is left to chance, but this does not mean it is risk free. Prices swing a great deal and lack of timing can mean losing on a deal or missing getting in on the next one.


Keeping investments in the one currency can be dangerous as more and more money is going to be required to trade if it starts to fail. Inflation can lead to many selling their stock as they need their money for other purposes. Certain commodities will allow you to keep above the trend and therefore you are hedging the potential risks you face. A final piece of advice will be to trade at a lower margin. By depositing a percentage of the cost with a broker, there is the option to use less capital to do a better deal. This will only be possible to understand if you have undertaken good quality commodity market trading .

How Important Is Market Analysis For Investing In The Indian Stock Market?

The stock market is a great source of income, it’s risky but at the same time, it’s incredibly profitable. To guarantee good returns on investments in the stock market, a little analysis and assessment are required. You can find stock market courses online that teach you what to look at before investing, how to read charts and trends, and how to know a candlestick pattern and oscillators. There is no better way to learn about the Indian market than the courses on stock market available online. They provide a hands-on approach to the stock market in their meticulously framed course.

The stock market works on estimations and evaluations. To invest in the stock market, the analysis is necessary as it forms the base on which you can frame your predictions and forecast. A market analysis helps forecast the future stock prices and trends. The way you predict the stock rates in different situations makes a big difference. When you assess a company based on its intrinsic value, you can forecast the future trend of its shares depending on the economy’s overall health.

When analysing the company that interests you, keep in mind factors such as the brand’s management experience, performance history, the potential for growth, brand value etc. Look for their strengths and their advantages over other brands. What are their competencies and how wide is their presence in the market?

Understanding what a company does, how it relates to its customers, how it functions and where it stands in terms of the stock market helps your decision. Its aids your analysis of the future trend based on as concrete a base as possible shows you how the price of a share doesn’t matter as much as the rise in the future. Your interest is in the shares with the highest percentage increase.

Tips2Trade has stock market courses online which guides you through everything you need to know so that you can begin investing in the stock market, all the way from the basics to the tips and tricks of the professionals. It’s the best way to learn real-time trading economically.

A Few Effective Ways To Make Your Safety Shoes Last Longer

Safety shoes are vital for people who are exposed to potential hazards in their workplace. These shoes are designed to be durable and offer protection to the feet. They are usually made of leather and have a protective reinforcement around the toe area to protect feet from falling objects. They also have a mid sole plate which protects the feet from below.

Since these shoes play an essential role, your goal should be to find the best safety shoes available in the market. Before you purchase the shoes, consider if they meet all the requirements required for your job. Some of the things to consider are whether they are slip resistant, waterproof and made from high quality materials.

By getting high quality shoes, you will not have to replace them often. This will enable you to save money in the long run. You can get work shoes of the best quality from reputed safety shoes manufacturers like Armstrong Products. After buying the safety shoes, you need to take good care of them. The following are a few tips for making your safety shoes last longer.

  • Always keep the shoes clean and dry

If you work in a location where the safety shoes can accumulate mud and dirt, remove them once you get home. You should then clean them to remove the contaminants. If dirt is allowed to accumulate on the shoes, the leather will begin to wear and tear faster. If your work environment is not necessary muddy or dirty, you can clean the shoes thoroughly once per month. You can use a boot cleaner that is mixed with water to clean them. Avoid using detergent and bar soaps because they may cause the leather to dry and crack. After this, rinse the shoes with tap water and leave them to dry in a place that is well ventilated.

  • Apply a waterproofing spray, wax or cream on the shoes

You can do this once a month after cleaning and drying the shoes. If the shoes are exposed to water often, you can apply the waterproofing products twice a month. You can know that it is time to waterproof the safety shoes if you splash water on them and notice that it does not bead up.

  • Apply leather conditioner on the shoes

As your safety boots get older, they will begin getting a little dry or cracked. Aging leather needs to be moisturized and conditioned. You can do this by applying a leather conditioner to the shoes every two weeks. When you use the conditioner, you will notice that the shoes will have more flexibility and the cracking or drying of leather will subside. Applying the conditioner can increase the lifespan of leather by up to three years or more.

  • Store the shoes appropriately

When you are not using your safety shoes, you should store them in a dry and cool place. Avoid storing them in any place that is humid. Humidity can trigger the growth of mold and other elements that may damage the shoes.

  • Insect the shoes for damage regularly

It is important to examine your safety shoes regularly and determine if any external damage has occurred due to a strong force or impact. If there is any such damage, make sure that it is repaired before it gets worse. Caring for your shoes well will ensure that they serve their purpose and last long.

Appearing For CAT But Unable To Attend Full – Time Classes? Try Web Portals For Online CAT Coaching

Like many other undergraduates, you are equally keen to attain a Master’s degree or a Doctorate from one of the prestigious management institutes (including IIMs) scattered across the country. However, enrolment requires clearing of the Common Admission Test, that is, CAT. Considering, that, you will have to compete with a large number of rivals, it would be best to prepare well for the examination. Now, you may not find time to attend full-time classes, especially if you are working too. Therefore, go in for online CAT coaching .

There are many websites eager to help you in all ways possible. However, not all of them may offer reliable services. Towards this end, therefore, you might try TestFunda. Lakhs of students have expressed their satisfaction with the establishment’s services over the last 12 years. The credit goes to the dedicated team of systems architects, educationists and instructional designers, who have created superb e-learning courses with the aid of innovative technology.

CAT online coaching should prove extremely useful for you, since it is self-paced in nature. You will be able to schedule your own study hours, such that they do not interfere with your day-to-day work or job, if any. The study materials are prepared so extensively by well-qualified experts that you should have no difficulty in comprehending theories and concepts related to any subject, at all! You may be sure that they are all relevant to the exam. Then again, you will be able to engage in your own question-answer sessions covering all levels. Attempting mock tests regularly and perusing sample papers of previous years should suffice to build up your confidence for the actual exam. Above all, you may participate in chats, wherein top rankers, experienced examiners, etc, are more than willing to offer tips, as well as conduct quizzes and contests.

Make Time To Connect With Your Ambitions. Practice For CAT Exam With Free Tests And Demo Lessons

If your only thought is to study in reputed and good government-authorized colleges in India, you have landed at the right place.

Use your time to make your ambitions fulfill. The Common Admission Test (CAT) is the stairs to your dreams.

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is a computer-based test in India for the aspirants who are seeking admission in the best MBA colleges in India. The test includes various sections to analyze the student’s ability nearly in every required field. These different sections include Quantitative Ability (QA), Verbal Ability (VA), and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation (DI), Logical Reasoning (LR).

The test is basically taken to test a student’s aptitude and inner ability. CAT has been started to help select students for the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and other top institutes across the country. Before the actual examination, online mock test for CAT can help aspirants to understand the pattern and also in preparing for it.

2011 had better news for all the students, as Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) and India Institute of Science (IISc) announced that they will also use CAT as the entrance exam instead of the Joint Management Entrance Test (JMET), to select the students who are seeking for taking admission into their management program. And this rule will be applied to the 2012-14 batches.

Format of the Exam

CAT is a computer-based test. The CAT online test has a strict checking process which has zero chance of errors.

According to the exam checking pattern, all the candidates who have given the right answer to a question are awarded +3 marks for each right answer, but if any answer is wrong, they get -1 point for each incorrect and no marks are given when no question is attempted. The CAT free mock test will help students for practicing more to avoid negative marking.

Equated raw scores by the checkers are then placed on a common scale or metric to confirm the appropriate analysis of the scores and this final process is called as scaling.

For CAT exam 2017, IIM Lucknow, which is in charge of conducting the exam this year, has released some points related to the CAT exam Pattern-

  • A few questions in each section of the question paper may have the non-MCQs type of questions.

  • 60 minutes will be allotted for answering each section.

  • Each section carries 3 marks for the correct question and there is negative marking of -1 for each wrong answer.

  • There will be no negative marking for the non-MCQ questions.

  • A virtual calculator will be available throughout the process for the purpose of calculation.

Five Most Effective Ways To Invest In Share Market

By operating in the stock market, you can earn very interesting earnings. But to make money on the stock market you have to be willing to risk your money. Increasing your earnings also increases the risks. The biggest danger is to put us back in the capital.

Here are some of the most effective ways describing how to invest in share market :

The ABC of online trading

For those who choose to do online trading and maybe invest in home equity, the first crucial step to take is to assess their risk appetite. In order to understand its risk profile, its investment objectives, the level of knowledge of financial instruments, present and future income must be properly assessed. The risk is, in fact, the central factor in its asset allocation.

The degree of risk is proportional to the time horizon of the investment, however, with a good diversification, you can greatly reduce the risk of the investment itself.

Basic, technical and quantitative analysis

Basic, technical and quantitative analyses are three different methods to operate in the financial markets. In practice, they provide a number of useful tips to understand when the time is right for buying or selling a title.

Why are they effective? Because the results generated by these analyzes derive from the application of mathematical formulas. The emotional component (anxiety that quickly closes a long position or the fear of cutting a prematurely lost operation) does not affect the end result.

Make money right now with online trading

To win in online trading, therefore, conduct a series of analyzes through a careful study of the financial statements. In particular, the key analysis is the financial analysis process that is based on the valuation of the share price in order to evaluate its investment opportunity by estimating the intrinsic value (so-called fair value) and comparing it with its market value; the technical analysis.

The study of the behavior of a stock through the analysis of historical price and volume series in order to predict the future evolution of the price of a financial instrument; the quantitative analysis that seeks to understand the behavior of the actions using mathematical algorithms.

Deepen the online trading

For those who want to deepen the issues related to online trading, we suggest joining some stock market courses to learn how to invest in share market . Choose a simple, intuitive way to allow you to operate in different markets. Also be careful with market analysis: make sure that data, economic timetable, comments and analysis are provided.

Invest in the latest in technology

Within the hyper connected world in which we live, you must be attentive to the latest technological developments and the web tools that are born from there, since in the short term their shares in the stock market tend to rise very steeply. Collect good information and if you see future there, invest. Can you imagine having invested in Facebook or Twitter when they were not well known?